On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Klimt Museum in Schörfling, which was run by the Klimt Foundation until 2022, the first Gustav Klimt Symposium in 2022 in cooperation with the Leopold Museum in Vienna was held in the historicist Villa Paulick in Seewalchen, built in 1877 by the architects König and Feldscharek.

Welcome speech; Gustav Klimt’s Work & Presentation on the Attersee 2003–2022

  • Mag. Sandra Tretter, MAS Deputy Director – Klimt Foundation, Vienna
  • Mag. Peter Weinhäupl Director – Klimt Foundation, Vienna
  • Mag. Hans-Peter Wipplinger Director – Leopold Museum, Vienna

The Gustav Klimt-Database:

    • Mag. Sandra Tretter, MAS
    • Mag. Peter Weinhäupl
    • Dr. Elisabeth Dutz
    • Mag. Laura Erhold
    • Mag. Liza Fügenschuh
    • Sandra Gradisnik, MA
    • Barbara Marx, MA
    Klimt-Database Research Team

On Alice Strobl’s catalogue raisonné “Gustav Klimt: The Drawings” (Vol. I-IV, 1980 – 1989) and its continuation in the Albertina – Memories and Current Events

  • Dr. Marian Bisanz-Prakken Expert on Klimt drawings and former curator – Albertina, Vienna

“I can therefore only name the present price of my life-size portraits and that mounts up to ca. 5000 gulden”. Gustav Klimt and his development on the international art market

  • Mag. Andrea Jungmann Managing Director – Sotheby’s Austria/Hungary/Poland

“next to it, the death with a grinning grimace”. On the first version and revision of Klimt’s main work “Death and Life” on the occasion of new sources and material-technological analyses

  • Mag. Sandra Maria Dzialek Head of Restoration – Leopold Museum, Vienna
  • Mag. Dominik Papst, BA Bakk. MA Scientific Consultant – Leopold Museum, Vienna

Gustav Klimt’s last landscapes in the context of his unfinished late work

  • Dr. Markus Fellinger Curator Collection 19th and 20th Century – Belvedere, Vienna

Otto Kallir and Gustav Klimt: From Vienna to America

  • Jane Kallir President – Kallir Research Institute, New York

Klimt collectors of the 20th Century

  • Dr. Sonja Niederacher Senior Provenance Specialist – The Museum of Modern Art, New York

“The water rose grows by the lake”. Klimt’s Art Nature 1880–1918

  • Mag. Sandra Tretter, MAS Deputy Director – Klimt Foundation, Vienna

Klimt’s last Rose. Capturing the fragrance; Final discussion and preview

  • Julia Asenbaum, MSc. Founder – Fragrantarium Headspace Scents, Vienna
  • Mag. Sandra Tretter, MAS Deputy Director – Klimt Foundation, Vienna